Broadwater’s legacy program design consultative services include the following:

  • Provide "FREE" legacy writing guide with personalized assistance in writing your legacy or that of a loved one.
  • Large background color selection options.
  • Large floral selection options.
  • Wide selection of acknowledgements, scriptures, and poems.
  • Assistance in determining which page option is best suited for your needs (4 pages, 6 pages, 8 pages).
  • Professionally and compassionately design your program or that of a loved one.
  • Capture design on a portable USB storage device (flash/thumb drive). Client stores in safe place i.e., safe deposit box.
  • Archive design on company computer server as additional design back-up protection.
  • Provide "FREE" 3 year anniversary "update" (TEXT ONLY).
  • After actual service, provide family with an electronic copy of program to forward to out-of-town family members who could not attend service.



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